Can I return SoftSupps®?

For our SoftSupps®, we understand that each furbaby has a unique experience and want to ensure what goes into their bodies keeps them happy and healthy.  This is why our SoftSupps® return and exchange policy is just as unique. If for any reason you are not satisfied with our SoftSupps®, please reach out to us with your concerns. 

To figure out the best solution as fast as possible, please include answers to these questions when you contact us:

1) How long has your furbaby been using this supplement? 

2) Are you using any type of medication or supplemental food/treat with this? 

3) Have you talked to your vet about any potential sensitivity or resistance to ingredients your furbaby may have with this supplement?

4) Why are you giving your furbaby this supplement? What type of problems is your furbaby having?

We will do our best to address your furbaby's individual needs and come up with the pawfect solution!

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