How do I change my subscription?

How do I subscribe to your Subscription Pawgram®?

Thanks for asking! Follow this link to go to our website page. You'll be able to choose a recurring period for each product you chose, and receive 20% off every order of subscription products!

How do I edit my subscription?

Create an account

When you first place your order, both your confirmation page and an email will ask you to make an account. Follow the link from either, then create your account. 

Once you fill out the information to create your account, you just need to activate your account through the email you'll receive. 

You'll then be able to edit your order from your new account!

Where do I log in to my account?

Log in here. You can also always access the login page in the top right corner of our website, indicated by the icon below to the left of the shopping bag.

Having trouble accessing your account?

Use this link to get your subscription account log in. 

How do I change or cancel my subscription?

When you log in to your account, it will show all of your past orders. To the right, click "Manage Subscriptions".

From there, you're able to: 

  • add a product to your subscription
  • edit the frequency you receive each product 
  • cancel your subscription to a product
  • change your shipping/billing information
  • check your delivery schedule
  • see your current subscriptions
  • see your past purchases

Cancelling a subscription

Wanting to cancel a subscription? We hate to see you go! Ensure you go through the cancellation so your products now look like this below.

Need a break from a product for a few months? No worries! You're able to re-activate your subscription on your account as well.

If you have tried all these steps and for some reason it has not worked, please reach out to our Customer Success.

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