What sizes do Covrs® come in?

Covrs® are the solution for you if your furbaby's belly band or diaper has hook and loop fasteners showing! These washable, reusable Covrs® are made out of the same material as our diapers and belly bands. 

Covrs® are available for your diapers and your belly bands. 5 different colors of Covrs® come in one pack. 

Diapers Covrs®

One size fits all for our diapers. 11 patches come on each strip of Covrs®. 

Belly Bands Covrs®

Our belly bands Covrs® come in three sizes: small, medium, and large to fit the same sizes of belly bands. We currently do not offer extra small and extra large belly bands Covrs® – please let us know if this is something you would be interested in! 

Solution for Covrs® for extra small belly bands: We have seen pet parents use the small belly bands Covrs® for the extra small belly bands. The small Covrs® will be a bit larger than the velcro on the extra small belly bands, but because this is the loop side that will not stick to anything, it will be fine!

Solution for Covrs® for extra large belly bands: We have seen pet parents use Covrs® for diapers to cover the hook and loop fasteners on the XL bands. 

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