How many inches do Extendrs® add to my dog diaper or belly band?

Dog Diapers Extendrs®
Our Dog Diaper Extendrs® are a one size fits all. They come with two of each of our five colors in one pack for a total of 10 pieces. You simply attach each of the Extendrs® to either side of the diaper to get an even fit. They will extend your diaper from 1-7 inches from their original size, depending on how you place them on your diaper’s existing fasteners!

Belly Band Extendrs®
Our Belly Band Extendrs® come with 1 of each of the 5 colors of our classic bands. They are sized to fit correspondingly with our small, medium, and large sized washable belly bands. Our belly band Extendrs® extend your original belly band between 1 to 8 inches depending on how you place them on your belly band’s existing fasteners, the size, and your needs. 

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