What are Extendrs®?

Extendrs® were created to extend the sizing of diapers and belly bands so you can customize your for your furbaby to find the true perfect fit!

Pet Parents® Extendrs® are purrfect for pets that may fall between two sizes of diapers or bands. We know every pet body is different - that's why we designed for such a large range of sizing with our Extendrs®. Because we're using our durable, fur-safe hook and loop fasteners, our fasteners do not need to be completely covered in order to work effectively. This ensures you can completely customize the size that you need added from the Extendrs®. 

Extendrs® are perfect for extending your diaper or band, preventing sizing issues, and getting the perfect fit for your furbaby's diaper or band. If you find that one size fits perfect, besides the waist being too small, and then you size up and the leg holes are not snug on your pup, Extendrs® are perfect to add to the smaller size to get that custom, perfect fit!

*If you need more length than our Extendrs® provide, this is an indicator to size up.

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