Is the Pawtect® Blanket just a regular blanket?

Our Pawtect® Blankets are anything but a regular blanket! We love snuggling with our pups, but needed a solution to pawtect® our furniture and houses from pet hair, incontinence, spills, and so much more, which is why we created our Pawtect® Blankets

Pawtect® Blankets are made up of our specifically created faux fur fabric and our proprietary Sherpup® multi-layer material. Sherpup® is not only the coziest fabric around, but also creates an impermeable barrier between both exterior fabrics so that no moisture can seep through either side of the blanket, making our Pawtect® Blankets the perfect couch covers for dogs.

Unlike other pet blankets on the market, our Pawtect® Blankets are stylish and comfortable, coming in two modern colors, blending into your home while also pawtecting and being the softest blanket around! 

Other Pawtect® Blanket features we're barking about:

  • WickQuick® anti-tracking wicks, absorbs & holds in liquids so it can't be tracked all over your home
  • EdgePawtector™ prevents spills off the blanket and pushes it back into the absorbent material of the blanket
  • LockJaw® prevents fraying, loose ends, fighting off any teething furbabies

Pawtect® Blankets were created by pet parents, for pet parents. 

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