Why is there Palm Fruit Oil in your Skin & Coat Supplements?

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Misconception: Palm fruit oil can be harmful for pets.

Fact: Palm fruit oil is safe and nutritious. As the #1 oil consumed around the world for centuries, palm fruit oil is a safe, beneficial fat for humans and pets. It has no “bad” trans-fat and is rich in omega 3’s. 

Misconception: Palm fruit oil can cause GI issues.

Fact: Palm fruit oil is easily digested. Consuming excessive amounts of any oil (salmon, hemp, coconut, etc.) can cause stomach upsets for humans and pets. Palm oil, in fact, is 95-97% digestible compared to sesame oil (57%), sunflower oil (83%) and corn oil (36%).  Combine this with the fact that a 3-gram pet chew contains no more than 450 mgs of palm fruit oil (this is equivalent to 0.09% of a teaspoon), there are no digestion issues related to the use of palm fruit oil in pet treats. 

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